The Tamworth Literary Festival

LitFest Logo2015 July 6 (LitFest own photo)We in The Tamworth and District Civic Society (TDCS) think it is wonderful that Tamworth has its very own Literary Festival, which has been developed by its Committee since late 2014, and continues to grow.

The recent romantic fiction day hosted in the Parish Church and the Central Library, and  the talk in the Town Hall in May by Tamworth resident Dr. Sara Read of Loughborough University about her book exploring early modern women’s lives, were all entertaining and informative.

Dr Sara Read Talk Tamworth LitFestTDCS 2016 05 11 001a

The Tamworth and District Civic Society (TDCS) not only fights to protect and conserve our built and natural heritage, and strives to publicise our local history, we are also here to promote civic pride and encourage engagement by the public in community events.

Tamworth and the surrounding area have an abundance of voluntary community organisations catering day in and day out for all ages, interests, talents and skills.  A vibrant Literary Festival to enhance our cultural life and draw in famous authors and attendant visitors to Tamworth is a very welcome addition to that rich mix.

TDCS especially welcomes the strong  interest demonstrated by LitFest in highlighting local authors past, present and future.  TDCS will work in partnership with the Literary Festival Committee, when we can, to promote and benefit Tamworth.  We hope that other local groups will do likewise.

We wish the Tamworth Literary Festival every success.  Our area must be full of people who like reading, and perhaps putting pen to paper themselves.  So why not make some time to help organise the Literary Festival events?  There are always different tasks to be done that help make an event successful.  We certainly hope that residents take the opportunities when they arise to attend the events provided. Those held to date have been great.  For further information see the LitFest’s website   and Facebook page.

David Biggs

Images in this blog post attributed as follows: Dr Sara Read event May 2016 (David Biggs photo) and Jo McMillan event July 2015 (LitFest photo).

TameFest 2016

Celebrating the Tame Valley Wetlands

TDCS stall at Tamefest

On Saturday 28th May committee members from the Tamworth and District Civic Society ran a stall at the annual TameFest event, organised by the Tame Valley Wetlands Initiative. This year’s event, at Kingsbury Water Park, which followed the inaugural TameFest held at Coleshill in 2015, was once again a success attracting an estimated 1,500 visitors.

Tamefest brings together local groups to celebrate the vibrant heritage of the Tame Valley Wetlands. The Tame Valley, between Birmingham and Tamworth, has a lot to offer, not least in terms of its beautiful historical buildings, amazing wildlife, traditional crafts and outdoor sports and recreation.

Morris dancers at Tamwfest 2016 2The day was sunny and warm and, in addition to promoting the work of the society and talking to visitors, members took advantage of the events programme which included Coleshill Town Band, Tamworth’s Shoebox Theatre and Ansley’s Morris Dancers. Strolling around the lakes and meadows of Kingsbury Waterpark highlighted the rich SS856528environmental heritage of the area, particularly the profusion of wildflowers and wildfowl. A visit to the village of Kingsbury afforded members the opportunity to view Kingsbury Hall, which dates from circa 1500.

Next year’s Tamefest will take place in Tamworth Castle Grounds.

About the Tame Valley Wetlands Initiative

SS856511Tame Valley Wetlands is a landscape partnership, led by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and a variety of organisations including local councils, groups, charities and statutory bodies.

Their vision is ‘to create a wetland landscape, rich in wildlife and accessible to all’ in the Tame Valley Wetlands, located between Birmingham and Tamworth, in North Warwickshire and south-east Staffordshire.

The body is delivering a £2.5 million scheme, to complete a series of conservation projects to Bird at Tamefest kingsbury WPrestore heritage and improve the area for wildlife, whilst also reconnecting local people with their landscape. This will be achieved by improving access and learning, so that everyone can enjoy the Tame Valley Wetlands.

Training and volunteering opportunities will be offered so that local people can gain heritage conservation skills, and a programme of exciting events and activities aimed at all ages and interests will also be delivered.


To read more about the Tame Valley Wetlands Initiative visit its website.

Images in this blog post attributed as follows: TDCS stall (Susan Biggs), Morris dancers (Susan Biggs), Kingsbury Hall (Tina Williams), Tame Valley Wetlands Logo (Tina Williams), wildfowl (Susan Biggs) and lake and wetlands (Tina Williams).